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Donate now to help communities heal!

Your support will help bring expressive arts therapy to displaced communities across the globe.

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Helping Communities Heal Through Expressive Arts Therapies


Voces is a group of expressive arts therapists dedicated to addressing the growing humanitarian crisis with immigrant and refugee children and families. We believe that the arts can be a powerful tool to give voice to and address the short and long-term effects of trauma.

We are working toward supporting the complex needs of children and families currently experiencing detention, custody, incarceration and confinement through arts-based trauma informed therapeutic experiences. We seek to create opportunities for amplifying the narratives of these marginalized communities though documentation, assessment, strategic, trauma based therapeutic approaches.

Our approach is based on integrative methods and current research on trauma informed approaches that utilize the arts. Current literature emerging in the field of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is pointing to the fact that engagement in the arts (music, dance, visual art, poetry, drama) can bring balance to the nervous system which is most affected by trauma and can lead to a deepening sense of focus, and calm through neurological balance and a felt sense of embodied unity.

The application of creative and expressive arts used in trauma treatment demonstrates that the arts have the capacity to bring about changes in outlook, mood, attitudes and emotions in order to bring a stronger sense of resiliency and hope while reducing the effects of long-term stress.

All of our facilitators have years of experience working toward mitigating the effects of trauma in individuals and communities.

We welcome your support today!

We thank The Art Therapy Institute for being our fiscal sponsor. We are contracted under their 501c3 nonprofit status, which makes your gift to Voces tax-deductible.

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