ncarttherapyinstitute 's Fundraiser

Bring Art Therapy to People in Need!

$2,292 towards $13,700

Help Bring Art Therapy to Those in Need!

Welcome to the Art Therapy Institute Year-End Fundraiser!

We are so grateful that you are considering a donation to our campaign!

All tax-deductible donations raised through this campaign will be used to support art therapy programming for refugees, immigrants, children with chronic illness and developmental disabilities, elders living with dementia, adults with severe and persistent mental illness, homeless families, victims of domestic violence and so many more.

THANK YOU for helping us make a difference in the world TODAY!

And another HUGE thank you to one of our clients, Grace, and one of our volunteers, Katie Peoples, for wanting to make the short video below showcasing our work. Please click on this short video to learn what ATI is all about!

*Parental consent has been obtained for all information related to the client and her amazing artwork.